Engine retune offers silver lining to motorists

New car sales in the UK have dipped to their lowest for more than a decade but modern car engine performance is possible without buying a new motor thanks to Reline Diagnostics in Birmingham

That’s because Reline Diagnostics is an approved Viezu Dealer, one of the UK’s leading bespoke tuning specialists, whose engine improving services cover 90 per cent of modern European vehicles.

In some instances, Viezu’s products give drivers a massive 15 per cent improvement in fuel economy.

“Due to the uncertain economic situation, more and more people are delaying buying a new car and this would suggest that there’s going to be an increased number of older cars on the UK’s roads.

“However, drivers needn’t suffer from ageing car problems thanks to our bespoke engine tuning service. Among the main benefits are reduced emissions and lower running costs, so not only are they helping to reduce any environmental impact but also ultimately saving money, a very appealing prospect at a time when every penny counts for many,” said Eric Dawkins, CEO at Reline Diagnostics.

And the process couldn’t be simpler or quicker at Reline Diagnostics. After booking an appointment the car will be checked and the car’s engine control unit (ECU) read. The customer is then fully consulted to see what improvements they would like, whether it’s better performance, improved fuel economy, or both!

A bespoke file is then written and uploaded into the ECU, with the whole process only taking a couple of hours.

Eric added: “It would seem that drivers who do decide to buy a new car are thinking ‘green’ with smaller models but motorists don’t have to shell out on a brand-new vehicle when our engine tuning service can offer significant emissions reductions.

“Indeed, in many cases emissions can be cut while performance is improved at the same time.”