Reline Diagnostics provides fuel for thought

Industry experts are expecting petrol prices to reach a new all-time high over the next two months, but drivers in Birmingham can now cut their fuel bills by up to 15 per cent thanks to a new engine tuning service from Reline Diagnostics.

Factors such as the recent uncertainty surrounding the huge Essex oil refinery in Coryton, which supplies 20 per cent of the fuel for the south-east of England, and the on-going troubles in the Gulf have led to a further increase in wholesale prices, which are expected to hit pumps on the garage forecourt very soon.

“Beleaguered motorists are facing a double whammy, with fuel prices unstable and also wider concerns about the on-going economic situation at home and abroad.

“The economic squeeze is hitting from every angle, so the thought of saving money via reduced running costs for your car is a very attractive proposition.  A retune also offers improved performance, better responsiveness and greater torque,” said Eric Dawkins CEO at Reline Diagnostics.

In fact, petrol prices have shot up by more than 15 per cent in the past year following crude oil rises and tax hikes, so the latest increase will hit extra hard.

And diesel drivers who initially thought they might have been saving on fuel costs are also feeling particularly hard done by because the gap between diesel and petrol prices is at its highest for three years. Indeed, on average filling up with diesel costs at least 7p a litre more than unleaded according to AA figures.

However, Reline Diagnostics in Birmingham is an approved Viezu dealer and in some cases its products can offer up to 15 per cent fuel improvement. And with the average two-car family petrol bill rocketing by an extra £420 in 2011, this can add up to quite a significant saving.

Cutting fuel bills couldn’t be simpler or quicker at Reline Diagnostics. After booking an appointment the car will be checked and the car’s engine control unit (ECU) read. The customer is then fully consulted to see what improvements they would like, whether it’s improved fuel economy, better performance or both!

A bespoke file is then written and uploaded into the ECU, with the whole process only taking a couple of hours.

“Our unique engine tuning service really is offering a silver lining to local motorists. We believe it is the best tuning service available in the UK and all our products and services come with a full money back guarantee.

“Therefore, tough times needn’t spell all doom and gloom, as one of our engine tunes not only offers improved MPG but also lower emissions. We would urge any motorists wanting to save money to give us a call on 07970711442 to see what’s possible,” added Eric.

Viezu’sBlueOptimize fuel economy tuning has been internationally recognised as world class leading technology and has won the company the UK Chamber of Commerce “Innovation In Technology” award for 2011.

For more information about the Viezu engine tuning services available at Reline Diagnostics visit or call 07970711442.